60+ Life Reality Motivational Quotes in Hindi


The quote is motivation; a quote is a form of expressing life in words. It is quite powerful and explains long stories in just a few words.

From motivation to struggle and heartbreaking, it provides the hidden energy that helps in early healing and growth.

We have tried to present some heart touching life reality motivational quotes in Hindi with the help of poet Rahul Sharma Sastri.

Some of the quotes are written self, and some are taken references from others, but the meaning, examples, and English translation are done self.

We are very thankful for Sir Rahul Sharma Sastri and every soul and person who has contributed directly and indirectly to preparing these quotes.



60+ Life Reality Motivational Quotes in Hindi


Quote: 1


“बीच रास्ते से वापस लौटने का कोई फायदा नहीं है,

क्योकि लौटने में भी आपको उतनी ही दुरी चलनी पड़ेगी, जितना लक्ष् तक पहुंचने में।”


“There is no use in returning midway because in returning, you will have to walk the same distance as in reaching the goal.”



Suppose you are a student of MBBS. You have already cracked the medical entrance exam and started your medical academic course. Then suddenly, you feel challenged about your medical course and are willing to get back to begin a new academic career. Your hard work drops to the dustbin, and your valuable time is wasted. You should need the same time and hard work again, to begin with the new.





“जो इंसान कहता है कि उसने जीवन में कभी गलती नहीं की,

समझ लेना जिंदगी में उसने कुछ नया करने की कोशिश नहीं की।”


“The person who says that he has never made a mistake in his life understands that he has never tried anything new.”



If a person tries to do something new, there is a high possibility of making mistakes. Because everybody learns from their mistakes, taking risks is not fooling but staying passive rather than utilizing his power and intellect to change his life beautifully and use his life and destination. In another way, one child can only walk by dropping himself multiple times and getting worn.




“कोई भी कार्य कितना ही बड़ा क्यू ना हो,

आपके दृढ़ संकल्प और जुनून के आगे बहुत छोटा पड़ जाता है। “


“No matter how big a task is, it pales compared to your determination and passion.”



A great example of the above quote is the Wright brothers. Wilbur and Orville Wright are the American brothers who made it possible for humans to fly like birds in the open sky in the great history. Therefore, there is nothing impossible if you desire it, work hard to achieve your dream successfully, and believe in yourself.


Quote: 4


“सिर्फ मरी हुई मछली को पानी की बहाव चलाती है,

जिन्दा तो अपना रास्ता खुद बनाती है।”


“Only a dead fish is moved by water flow; a living one makes its path.”



A living person can easily make their path and destination to arrive, but if you are dying, then you can’t. Therefore, don’t blame your life or accept your more complicated life. Make it simple. Be alive and active. Work like a honey bee, believe in yourself strongly, then you will get sweat.


Quote: 5


“जिंदगी में थोड़ा पागलपन,

लक्ष्य हासिल करने के लिए बहुत जरुरी होते है।”


“A little madness in life is necessary to achieve goals.”



Do you know? Several scientists research, investigate, and experiment with various things even without granting the government’s permission, rather than listening to anybody’s thinking. Therefore, from great history, many unforgettable and impossible scientific experiments have succeeded and helped globally for people in different fields, i.e., Medicine, education, technology, and so on, since we need little money in our work to fulfill desirable success in life.


Quote: 6


“अगर आप जिंदगी में सफल होना चाहते है तो ये 3 बाते हमेशा ध्यान रखे –

खुद से वादा, मेहनत ज्यादा और मजबूत इरादा।”


“If you want to be successful in life, always keep these three things in mind—promise to yourself, work hard, and have strong intentions.”



Strong willingness and desire for anything motivate you to be motivated during your struggle and contribute to your work. Nothing is impossible in the world if you strongly believe in yourself, promise to achieve it in any situation and work hard with great dedication.


Quote: 7


“इंसान सफल तब होता है जब वो दुनिया को नहीं बल्कि खुद को बदलना शुरू कर देता है।”

“A person becomes successful when he starts changing himself and not the world.”



Do you ever try to transform any of your bad habits? I think you understand. How hard do you find it to transform your habit despite knowing it is terrible? But you constantly try to return to your previous habits. In that way, Even if we have no control over our minds, then how can we strongly try to change another person and want to get control over another person?


Quote: 8


“किस्मत सिर्फ मेहनत से मिलती है,

बैठ कर सोचते रहने से नहीं।”


“Luck is achieved only by hard work, not sitting and thinking.”



If you want to become a doctor, then the imagination of becoming a doctor doesn’t make you a doctor. You must do hard work and contribute to it.


Quote: 9


“नियत अच्छी हो और इरादे सच्चे हो तो कामयाबी मिल ही जाती है।”


“If intentions are good and intentions are true, then success is achieved.”



Pure soul and clear heart with a strongly dedicated person always win the match of life. He doesn’t need to be afraid of anything because of his honesty. For example, you must be very fearful if you earn money with fraud.


Quote: 10


“चोट खाकर ही इंसान महान बनता है,

जैसे पत्थर चोट खाकर ही भगवांन बनता है।”


“A person becomes great only after getting hurt, just as a stone becomes God only after getting hurt.”



If you are trying to climb a mountain, you can imagine how much more complicated a situation you must face until reaching the final destination. Similarly, if you want something in your life, you must be ready to tolerate all the possible challenges and difficulties that may arise during your struggle.


Quote: 11


“वक्त से हारा या जीता नहीं जाता, बल्कि सीखा जाता है।”

“One is not defeated or won by time, but is learned.”



If you fail to crack any exam, you should try to analyze the weak points during your preparation and learn from them despite regretting and accepting failure. You should implement that lack during the previous exam.


Quote: 12


“किताबे तो यूँ ही मशहूर है ज़नाब,

असली सबक तो जिंदगी ही सिखाती है।”


“Books are famous just like that, sir; only life teaches the real lesson.”



People with much experience in any field practically exist in simple language. And another one who had only learned theoretically from his academic course. The first person has a better understanding and knowledge of a particular thing even if he was not educated. But the second one, who has only theoretical knowledge, has limited and incomplete knowledge. In this way, Real life teaches better lessons than books.


Quote: 13


“शतरंज में वजीर और जिंदगी में जमीर,

अगर मर जाए तो समझो खेल खत्म।”


“Wazir in chess and conscience in life; if he dies, the game is over.”



Let us go back to our great history, Where there was the existence of a king globally. If an enemy state attacks another state, the king of another state dies. Then there is no matter how powerful a state you have if your king dies. The enemy state will win your state. In this way, if your leader or control over your life will be passive or die, then there is no matter how smart and capable you are.


Quote: 14


“हर पेड़ फल दे यह जरूरी नहीं,

किसी की छाया ही बड़ा सुकून देती है।”


“Not every tree needs to bear fruit; the shade of one gives great relief.”



Do you ever realize? Do you ever compare your father and mother with each other? Can they express and deliver the same love and affection for you? Of course not, because the father and mother are different people with separate roles, emotions, and responsibilities towards you. If you get injured, you may notice that your mother will cry in a tiny situation too, but your father has a strong heart, and they don’t cry, despite his love for you more like a mother. In this way, everybody is different; each thing consists of its value, and there is no comparison to anyone.


Quote: 15


“सुंदरता की कमी को अच्छा स्वभाव पूरा कर सकता है,

लेकिन स्वभाव की कमी को सुंदरता से पूरा नहीं किया जा सकता।”


“The lack of beauty can be compensated by good nature, but the lack of good nature cannot be compensated by beauty.”



Beauty is just an external curtain. It doesn’t pay anything for you despite giving you little satisfaction. But in real life, your beauty doesn’t contribute to your struggle or harsh situation. You need good nature, better character, intense dedication, and many other things to face and fight against your dire situation and difficulties in life. But note that your beauty can do nothing for you.


Quote: 16


“कुछ लोग चप्पल जैसे होते हैं,

जो साथ तो देते हैं पर पीठ पीछे कीचड़ उछालते रहते हैं।”


“Some people are like slippers, who support us but keep throwing mud behind our backs.”



In this era, people are becoming very, very selfish. Every person can easily cheat on anybody if they get a benefit. They behave like the very closest person with you to share anything, but from back, they utilize you. So don’t believe anybody. People roam around holding multiple faces with them and have no idea when they expose their second face since you have to be alert while sharing your personal information with anyone.


Quote: 17


“किसी का अपमान करना,

वास्तव में खुद का सम्मान खोना होता है।”


“To insult someone is actually to lose one’s respect.”



We may listen multiple times in our lives, but to get respected, you should give respect first. To get loved by anybody, you must first deliver love and affection to him. In this way, you will get what you supply to the other one, since delivering good, pure, and honest things to another person to get back to you.


Quote: 18


“अच्छी किताबें और अच्छे लोग तुरंत समझ नहीं आते,

  इन्हे पढ़ना पड़ता है।”


“Good books and good people are not understood immediately and must be read.”



How can you evaluate any book by looking at its cover or listening to others talk? How can you assess a person just by looking at his external body? To know someone better, you need to spend time with him/her. To understand the main motto of the book, you must read it sincerely.


Quote: 19


“पहचान से मिला काम थोड़े समय के लिए ही होता है,

लेकिन काम से मिला पहचान जिंदगी भर के लिए रहती है।”


“The work gained through recognition lasts only for a short period, but the recognition gained through work lasts for life.”



Suppose you have a brother who recently won the election. You will get some job by utilizing his power and position. But suddenly, the government collapses, and your brother should have to get away from the government and lose all the energy he exists. Then what happen to you? Since gain through recognition is temporary. Therefore, we need to make our own space and recognition through our hard work, which lasts a lifetime.


Quote: 20


“जहाँ उम्मीद ही नहीं होती,

वहां दुःखी होने की कोई संभावना भी नहीं होती।”


“Where there is no hope, there is no possibility of being sad.”



Suppose your father is coming from the USA. You had requested to bring an iPhone for you. But your father forgot to pack it during his flight, and he will arrive without an iPhone. Then guess how you can react to him? But in another way, if you don’t request to buy or bring anything for you while father returning to home town. Then there is no chance of sadness for you because you haven’t expected to get anything with your father since note that expectation and hope hurt us.


Quote: 21


“ज़ल्दी जगना हमेशा फायदेमंद होता है,

फिर चाहे वो नींद से हो, अपने अहम से हो या वहम से हो।”


“Waking up early is always beneficial, whether due to sleep, ego or illusion.”



We know that the flow of time and river never gets back. Since the timely taken step and decision makes people always great and successfull. Even you can relate to walking up in the morning; when you wake early, you can complete more and additional tasks, too.


Quote: 22


“समय और जरुरत बलदते ही

सब के चेहरे बेनकाब हो जाते है।”


“As soon as time and necessity arise, everyone’s faces become exposed.”



It is said that we are in the kali yuga (कलियुग), where people walk holding multiple faces with them. There is no idea when they show which face. Since you don’t believe in others, they can cheat you quickly if they feel they will benefit.


Quote: 23


“अगर जीवन में खुश रहना है तो

तारीफ़ सुने और बेहतर होना है तो निंदा।”


“If you want to be happy in life, listen to praise; if you want to improve, listen to criticism.”



Human nature is so complicated. We always want to listen only to positive and good points complimenting others. But if someone tries to correct us, we don’t like it. Therefore, we should also list our weak factors for improving ourselves and to be better people.


Quote: 24


“अगर इंसान की ‘जुबान’ सुधर जाए तो

‘जीवन’ को सुधरने में ज़्यादा ‘वक्त’ नहीं लगता।”


“If a person’s ‘tongue’ improves, then it does not take much ‘time’ to improve his life.”



In Sanskrit, it is believed that the way you talk and the words you use during conversation can determine your character and thoughts. Learning communication techniques is one of the best steps to improving one’s life.


Quote: 25


“गलतियों का मकसद बिगाड़ना नहीं सुधारना होता है,

  यही ज़िंदगी में तजुर्बे सिखाती है।”


“The purpose of mistakes is to improve not to spoil, this is what experiences in life teach.”



It is proved that people who get success quickly don’t value it. But the person who gets success after a long struggle, multiple failures, and uncountable mistakes value his success and learns various life-changing motivations through his successful journey and errors.


Quote: 26


“मैदान में हारा हुआ इंसान फिर भी जीत सकता है,

 पर मन से हारा हुआ इंसान कभी नहीं जीत सकता।”


“A defeated person in the field can still win, but a defeated person in the mind can never win.”



We know that the tiger of the forest may not eat us, but the tiger of the mind will eat. That is the main reason for multiple social cases. Even a person has everything in life to live happily, but why do people try to die because of minor problems that lead to depression? Since we must have to be strong in any situation. Believe like As long as there is breath. Until then, there is hope.


Quote: 27


“कभी किसी की निंदा ना करे,

 क्यूकि निंदा आकाश की ओर फेंके गए उस पत्थर के समान है,

 जो लौटकर उसी पर गिरता है,

 जो उसे फेकता है।”


“Never criticize anyone because criticism is like a stone thrown towards the sky, which returns and falls on the person who threw it.”



We will get back to what you will forward to another person. You should take care of it and try to forward only positive and good things to another person to return the same thing you have forwarded them.


Quote: 28


“एक दिन हम सब एक दूसरे को सिर्फ़ यह सोचकर खो देंगे

  कि वह मुझे याद नही करता तो मैं क्यों करूँ।”


“One day, we all will lose each other just thinking that if he doesn’t remember me, then why should I.”



There is no competition in love. There is no existence of love if you think that I should get love back if I give love to her/him. But really, love is a very deep and far topic. It takes time to blend and attach emotionally to anybody. But Expectation kills people and breaks relations. We force people to be loved by them if they express love to anybody.


Quote: 29


“शरीर मे जहर चला जाए तो उसका इलाज किया जा सकता है…

लेकिन मन मे गलतफहमी का जहर घुल जाए तो उसका कोई इलाज नहीं…”


“If poison enters the body, it can be treated… but if the poison of misunderstanding enters the mind, there is no cure.”



Misunderstanding and conflict always break relationships badly. The main reason for multiple divorce cases and breakups worldwide is a lack of understanding and confidence.


Quote: 30


“यदि तमाम संघर्ष के बाद जिंदगी खूबसूरत ना होती

तो शायद काटो मे खिला यह फूल इतना खूबसूरत ना होता”


“If life had not been beautiful after all the struggles, then perhaps the flower blooming in the bush would not have been so beautiful.”



If someone succeeds in his life, with long struggles, multifold difficulties, and learning via uncountable mistakes, he/she will be valued for his/her success and dedication.


Quote: 31


“आपकी नजरों मे यह सिर्फ सफ़ेद बाल और झुर्रियां है

लेकिन मेरे लिए बीते कई ज़मानों का तजुर्बा है”


“To you, it’s just gray hair and wrinkles, but to me, it’s the experience of many years.”



The old man holds decades of experience and knowledge. They saw a far world in their life compared to the young generation. They will be the collection of Multiple life-changing knowledge, Years of experience, and so on. Since their gray hair and wrinkles teach you a lot.


Quote: 32


“होली के बिखरे रंगो का निखार देख कर समझ आया की

जीवन मे निखरने के लिए बिखरना बहुत जरूरी हैं”


“Seeing the sparkle of the scattered colors of Holi, I understood that scattering is significant for shining in life.”



To be strong, you need to face many difficulties and challenges. To get worship through others, you need to tolerate them like a stone while making a statue.


Quote: 33


“कुछ लोगो की ख़ामोशी के पीछे कई दर्द छुपे होते है”


“There are many pains hidden behind the silence of some people.”



All people are not expressive. Some people carry uncountable hidden pain with them and behave like all is well. They stay very silent and can share their problems with other people. They are generally called introverts.


Quote: 34


“हर दोस्त को हर राज ना बताओ

दोस्तों के भी दोस्त होते है”


“Don’t tell every secret to every friend; friends also have friends.”



It is always better not to share any secret with anyone else. There is a high chance of exposing your secret to another person. Don’t believe another person. They can’t be loyal to you. They even cheat you to fulfill their desires.


Quote: 35


“कुछ लोग भरोसे के लिए रोते है

 तो कुछ भरोसा करके रोते है”


“Some people cry for trust, and some cry for doing trust.”



There are two types of people: one who trusts others blindly and another who breaks the blind trust of somebody else. In this situation, they both are wrong. Overtrust is always harmful. And the person who takes advantage of the trust of others is also a partaker of sin.


Quote: 36


“एक बस कंडक्टर सी हो गई हे जिंदगी

 सफर भी रोज का है

 और जाना भी कही नहीं”


“Life has become like a bus conductor; traveling is a daily routine, and there is no going anywhere.”



Sometimes, we decide where to go and what we are doing. We are confused about ourselves. We can not determine our final destination for what he/she is struggling for and hardworking for.


Quote: 37


“यदि जीवन मे खुश रहना चाहते हो तो

 दुसरो से उम्मीदें करना बंद कर दो”


“If you want to be happy in life, stop expecting from others.”



Expectation always kills happiness in your life. Happiness is just a key found in each person’s inner heart. Happiness does not come itself. We should create an environment to generate such a situation.


Quote: 38


“गुस्से और नशे मे बड़े फैसले कभी ना लें”


“Never make big decisions when angry and drunk.”



Suppose your parent scold you for your betterment but you get angry and leave the house. What will be the result? It doesn’t only hurt your parents; you will also get the same or more pain than your parents.


Quote: 39


“मुसाफिर कल भी था और आज भी हूं

बस फर्क इतना है कल अपनों की तलाश मे था

और आज खुद की तलाश मे हूं


“I was a traveler yesterday, and I am a traveler today too; the only difference is that yesterday I was in search of my loved ones, and today I am in search of myself.”



It is the reality of our own life. We search for happiness for family members and lifetime struggle for the betterment of our loved ones, but we forget ourselves. We leave far behind in search of our house and family’s prosperity.


Quote: 40


“कोई सहकर भी खुश रहता है ,

और कोई कहकर भी दुखी ही रहता है।”


“Some remain happy even after suffering, and some remain sad even after saying it.”



The result after hard work will leave immense happiness for anybody. Success after a long struggle will always prove very fruitful. Some people show they are very satisfied and happy, but inside, they aren’t.


Quote: 41


“जो इंसान मन की तकलीफों को नही बता पता,

उसे ही गुस्सा सबसे ज्यादा आता है।”


“The person who does not know how to express his feelings gets angry the most.”



If anybody can not express their inner emotions, then they will get frustrated in himself. Therefore, there is a high chance of being irritated with others and behaving angrily and aggressively.


Quote: 42


“किसी से बदला लेने का कोई फायदा नही,

बस माफ करके सीधा दिल से निकाल दो।”


“Forgiving those who wronged you is better than seeking revenge.”



If anybody makes mistakes, then forgiving them is a better decision. Taking revenge means increasing enmity. Since forgive them and start with new.


Quote: 43


“जिसने कभी विपत्तियां नही देखी,

उसे अपनी ताकत का कभी एहसास नही होगा।”


“One who has never seen huge problems will never realize his strength.”



Like a lotus flower in the middle of the mud, a challenging environment and situation always makes a person strong, capable, and powerful. They can quickly identify their strength and so on.


Quote: 44


“जब परिवार के सदस्य अप्रिय लगने लगे

और पराये अपने लगने लगे,

तो समझ लीजिए विनाश का समय आरंभ हो गया है।”


“When family members start appearing unpleasant, and strangers start appearing like your own, then understand that destruction has begun.”



Your parents and your family members never try to harm you. They always want heartily your progress and success. There is no comparison between family members and another person who is out of family members. If we think an outsider is better, then it will be the great fool.


Quote: 45


“आपके माता-पिता के सिवा ऐसा कोई नही है,

जो आपको खुद से ज्यादा सफल देखना चाहता है।”


“There is no one, except your parents, who want to see you successful more than themself.”



Fathers and mothers are the only people who love their children unconditionally. They sacrifice their whole lives for the betterment of themselves. They feed you rather than thinking about their hunger. They always stay alert to eliminate problems in your life. They are the only people who pray for you and sacrifice their sweat.


Quote: 46


“सिर्फ वक़्त के भरोसे मत बैठे रहना,

किस्मत वालो के हाथ खाली रह सकते है

मेहनत करने वालो के नही।”


“Don’t depend only on time; lucky people may have empty hands, not those who work hard.”



As you do, so will get. There is no chance of not getting fruit after tremendous hard work and solid dedication. Just saying i have a good luck but stay passive means waisting there valuable time and abilities. Generating good luck depends on human hard work and dedication.


Quote: 47


“रोना बंद करो और अपनी तकलीफों से खुद लड़ना सीखो,

क्योंकि साथ देने वाले भी शमशान से आगे नही जाते।”


“Stop crying and learn to fight your problems yourself because even those who support you do not go beyond the crematorium.”



Every problematic situation teaches and leaves good knowledge for you. Instead of crying, fighting like a soldier is the intelligence. Nobody contributes to your betterment. You must take action and fight alone with every problem for your progress and success. Nobody has time and gut feelings to support you.


Quote: 48


“आजकल के रिश्ते बात सह गए,

तो रिश्ते रह गए बात कह गए तो रिश्ते ढह गए।”


“In modern relationships, tolerating talk preserves them, while discussing it leads to collapse.”



Really! To secure your relationship, you should start to listen only. If you begin to criticize or even talk against your beloved expectations, even if you are correct, there is an excellent possibility that your beloved doesn’t like it. Nowadays, people force each other to listen to them only in one way, but they don’t have time to listen to your prospects.


Quote: 49


“इंसान का स्वभाव इस तरह है जो लेकर जाना है उसे छोड़ रहा है,

और जो यही रह जाना है उसे छोड़ रहा है।”


“Human nature is to hold onto what should be let go and let go of what should be left onto.”



People generally want to get those things which they haven’t. They forget the value of those things that they already have. Every person is being day by day. They want to win everything in every situation.


Quote: 50


“माना कि आईने की कीमत हीरे से कम है,

लेकिन हीरा पहनने के बाद ढूंढते सब आईना ही है।”


“It is true that the price of a mirror is less than that of a diamond, but after wearing a diamond, everyone looks for a mirror.”



Everything has its value. Suppose you have two brothers; one is a doctor, and another is a normal taxi driver. People compare your two brothers with each other, relating intelligence, hard work, and so on. But I think there is no need to compare them. They both work hard in their own field. Your one brother will help society by curing their disease. Another brother also facilitates society by providing transportation facilities. Isn’t it?


Quote: 51


“मेरा मक़सद किसी और से बेहतर बनना नही है,

बल्कि खुद को पहले से बेहतर बनाना है।”


“My aim is not to be better than anyone else but to make myself better than before.”



We will lose ourselves if we start to compare ourselves with anybody else. To win yourself, you should compare yourself with your past and present and, evaluating it, analyze your future. It will always motivate you to become a better and more progressive person.


Quote: 52


“ऐसे व्यक्ति को संभाल कर रखे,

जिसने आपको यह तीन भेट दिए हो, साथ, समय और समर्पण।”


“Treasure a person who has given you these three gifts: companionship, time, and dedication.”



This is the Kali Yuga. Nobody can think about your progress or have time to support you. But if you get time, support, dedication, and love from anybody else, then you have to preserve yourself/herself.


Quote: 53


“कोई कहता है दुनिया प्यार से चलती है,

कोई कहता है दुनिया दोस्ती से चलती है,

मैंने आजमाया तो पता चला की दुनिया तो मतलब से चलती है।”


“Some people say that the world runs on love, some say that the world runs on friendship, but when I tried it, I came to know that the world runs on selfishness.”



In this modern time, Love and friendship are limited to conversation, essays, etc. As per time, You never know when who will change. Everybody is becoming very selfish and greedy. They can turn to anywhere if they get benefits.


Quote: 54


“किसी ने ईश्वर से पूछा आपके सबसे नजदीक कोन है!

ईश्वर ने कहा वो इंसान जिसके पास बदला लेने की शक्ति हो और

उसने फिर भी माफ कर दिया हो।”


“Someone asked God who is closest to you. God said that person who has the power to take revenge and yet has forgiven.”



It is tough to find someone who is kind and forgives easily. If you get such a person, you must worship them because he/she will be the pure soul and one symbol of god.


Quote: 55


“अपनी नजर हमेशा उस चीज पर रखो जिसे तुम पाना चाहते हो,

उस पर नही जिसे तुम खो चुके हो।”


“Always keep your eyes on what you want to achieve, not what you have lost.”



The river and the time that has passed will never return. Therefore, focusing on the future and forgetting the past is wise.


Quote: 56


“मनुष्य की मानवता उसी समय नष्ट हो जाती है,

जब उसे दुसरो के दुख में हँसी आने लगती है।”


“Man’s humanity is destroyed when he starts laughing at the suffering of others.”



Humanity is degrading day by day. People don’t relate other problems with their own. They make jokes and laugh at another person who suffers from difficulties. They forget their problems but search for happiness in others’ issues.


Quote: 57


“कुछ रिश्ते किराए के मकान जैसे होते है,

कितना भी सजा लो कभी अपने नही होते।”


“Some relationships are like rented houses; no matter how much you decorate them, they never become yours.”



Today’s relationship has no dedication towards love and each other. Most of the married couple and boyfriend-girlfriend stay in a toxic relationship. In a couple, one tries to give him/her 100% effort to save their love, but the other doesn’t value it. If you are not able to make your toxic relationship sweet, then it is better to leave it and move on.


Quote: 58


“हमेशा सत्य और धर्म के पक्ष के साथ खड़े रहे,

भले ही आपको अकेले क्यों ना रहना पड़े।”


“It’s important to always stand for truth and religion, even if it means standing alone.”



Those who follow the path of religion and truth do not need anyone to tell them. God gave him peace, comfort, and blessings. No matter how difficult the situation is, do not waver from the path of duty. It provides lasting soul satisfaction and energy.


Quote: 59


“बस यही सोचकर ज्यादा शिकवा नही किया मैंने,

कि हर कोई अपनी जगह सही होता है।”


“I did not complain much just thinking that everyone is right in their place.”



Not all people have the same nature and thinking. Everyone has different mental strength. Therefore, one should be given freedom without complaining about anything.


Quote: 60


“किसी के साथ रहो तो वफादार बनके रहो,

धोखा देना गिरे हुए लोगो की पहचान है।”


“If you stay with someone, remain loyal; cheating is the mark of fallen people.”



Where there is honesty and purity, there is the abode of God. That’s why we have to be honest and protect the relationship. Deceiving others is like being a person without honor, respect, and dignity.


Quote: 61


“खो कर पता चलती है कीमत किसी की,

पास अगर हो तो अहसास कहाँ होता है।”


“One realizes someone’s value by losing them, but if he is close, how can he realize it?”



We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s with us. But when you lose that thing, the memory of it suddenly bothers you. And it comes with love. Therefore, we should understand and protect the importance of everything in time.


Quote: 62


“अपनी खराब परिस्थिति के बाद भी,

यदि कोई व्यक्ति आपके साथ है तो उसकी इज्जत कीजिए।”


“Despite your bad situation, if someone is with you, then respect him.”



No one will help and support someone in a difficult situation today or tomorrow. If someone supports and encourages you during your difficult time, you should treat that person as the best person in your life and provide them with love and respect.


Quote: 63


“परिस्थितियां हमारे लिए समस्या नही बनती,

समस्या तो तब बनती है जब हमें परिस्थितियों से निपटना नही आता।”


“Circumstances do not become problems for us; they become problems when we do not know how to deal with them.”



Every situation gives birth to some knowledge. It makes us stronger and more substantial instead of exacerbating our problems. He who bravely faces every problem with hard work becomes a brave warrior.



Quote: 64


“गलतियां जीवन का एक हिस्सा है पर

इन्हें स्वीकार करने का साहस बहुत कम लोगों में होता है।”


“Mistakes are a part of life, but very few people dare to accept them.”



When trying to do something new in life, mistakes are inevitable. An active person does not sit idle. He is always doing something new. A person who learns from those mistakes by accepting the mistakes made while doing something new never fails.


Quote: 65


“सिर्फ एक गलती की देर है

लोग भूल जाएंगे कि तुम पहले कितने अच्छे थे”


“It’s just one mistake; people will forget how good you were before.”



As said once, a thief is always a thief; if you do something wrong without knowing it, the whole world will consider you a fool and a fool. The value of all the good deeds you have done throughout your life will go down.


Quote: 66


“जिनके पास बहुत सारे विकल्प होते हैं

ऐसे लोग अपने संकल्प नहीं निभा पाते हैं..!!”


“People with too many options cannot keep their resolutions..!!”



You are more likely to fail if you don’t start having multiple life options. Therefore, you should set a goal and work hard to achieve it.


Quote: 67


“जिंदगी जितना भी दे हमें कम ही लगता है

इसलिए जितना है उतने में खुश रहे..!!”


“No matter what life gives us, we feel less, so be happy with whatever you have..!!”



Until we start being happy with what we have, we cannot be satisfied and happy anywhere in life. Therefore, we should begin to be pleased that we have already achieved it.


Quote: 68


“जिंदगी की यह कैसी रीत है

पत्थरों को लगाए जाते हैं भोग और

सड़कों पर मर जाते हैं भूखे लोग..!!”


“It’s unacceptable that people are dying of hunger while stones are being offered food..!!”



Instead of pretending to be religious by pouring milk and food on stones, giving food to a person who does not even have the opportunity to eat a single meal a day is religion and receiving the blessings of God.